Monday, January 17, 2011


Sometimes, no often times, I really think my 2 year old is too smart for her own good. I could brag about how intelligent she is, because let's face it.. she is the smartest 2 year old on the planet, but I won't, I will just simply share some of her favorite cooky words that she has invented. It often leaves me wondering, "What language is that?".

Now, before you read these - keep in mind that she knows how to say the words correctly and DOES say them correctly, but there are times when she just isn't in the mood apparently.

Oh and I was told by her daycare teacher that she loves to make her friends laugh. She obviously gets that from me! {cough} This could be an insight as to why that is!

Gagook - this is Daddy. She says Daddy a lot but on the days she wants to be funny, this is what he is called.

Momeeka - guess what this is. That's right, Mommy. It's really hard not to laugh & be in a good mood at 7am when I hear "Mooomeeeeekaaaa" coming from her room.

Jazzin - this is her big sister, Jaelyn. Who will correct her every single time with "My name is not Jazzin, it's Jaelyn."

La-La-Loopy - this is a doll that my Sister gave her for her birthday. The real name is La-La-Loopsy (perhaps you've seen them?). She's said the name right but she prefers the doll to be "loopy". So be it.

Aunt Well - I'm so sorry, Noel. Really. But it's payback for Aunt Ham!? =) {and it is rather cute, you have to admit!}

Kitty Meow - ok, to her advantage the kitty doesn't really have a name. We've always called him "kitty" but now he is Kitty Meow. He needed a last name, right?

Jess-Ca-Ca - this is for 2 people. Her teacher at daycare {Miss Jessica} and my niece, Jessica. Yes, it gives them character!

Mickey House - she just shortened "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse". I mean, why waste all that time saying the entire thing when you can just say "I wanna watch Mickey House." Makes perfect sense!

I'm sure there are more that I can't think of. I really should start writing them down! She is for sure, her own little comedian.

The funny thing about these is now hubby & I say them as well! They are a little catchy.

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Anonymous said...

Those are adorable and so original! Kids say the darndest things!

MommaAmma said...

These are too cute! I want a nickname from my girl.

And please please write them down. I said that a million times when my son went through this stage and never did it. Now he's just 6 but I can only remember a handful of his phrases.

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Ha ha! I like Gagook for Daddy! AND, love your different view photo in the post below!