Saturday, December 3, 2011

Abbie-cember #2

It pains me somewhat to look at these pictures, Abbie Lynn!
WHEN were you this small?? It makes my heart just ache for you to be a baby again so I can keep you that small & shield from all the bad things in this world.

I remember sitting up with you during those 3am feedings (uh, yeah.. those are no joke!) and thinking.. "Are you EVER going to sleep through the night???" But, you would smile at me and look up with those bright blue eyes right before you fell back asleep into your peaceful slumber and I wouldn't mind so much.

The swing became a lifesaver. You would lay it in sometimes falling asleep for a nap & I would dare anyone to disturb you. But it had to be a sideways swinging swing (know what I mean?) not just a regular ole back n forth swing, oh no! You wanted to be soothed side to side. I think we may have ended up with 3 of these somehow until we found the perfect one with jungle animals you would look up at to keep your attention.

You had a personality from the start. Making people laugh with your grins & sounds. And well, let's face it... who could resist your big blue eyes?

Yes, there are days when I miss this baby. Miss her being so small and so dependent on me for everything, following my voice when I would talk in a room, seeking me out when other people had you. *sigh* You still do some of these things but everyday you are quickly becoming a beautiful little girl and I'm so happy that I've helped mold you into that. I love you so much!

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