Friday, December 2, 2011


life rearranged 

Come on  & join in.. share your iPhone pics!!

{1} Pretty Fall Day
{2} My Sister being silly!
{3} Barn

{4} Thanksgiving Night/Black Friday Morning Shopping Damage
{5} That is a naughty grin!
{6} Abbie dressing up... woo boy.

{7} Coloring time relaxes me.

{8} Meet "Shelley" - our Elf on the Shelf!

{9} My Sleepy Baby Girl


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Jodi@ said...

WOW at all that BF loot! :o) Looks like you did good!

I love barns, thankfully they are plentiful here in SOGA. :o)

Happy Friday!

Danna said...

I love the barn pic, my husband and I dream of moving out like that. Your girls are darling!
I'm really excited, my mom is getting "me" an Elf on the Shelf for Christmas, I can't wait to use it next year with our girls.

Darcie said...

your daughter's a cutie. i wish mine would play dress up, she always takes everything off instead!

Liz said...

oooh, is that a Christmas coloring book?!! Santa is bringing new crayons to the Cifaloglio household by the way...yay for us! mean, yay for Amber...heh

Emily Golding said...

Look at all of those rocked it, girl! : )