Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Friday!!

Yaaaaay it's FRIDAY!! *happy dance*
Even though I'm at work because I have to be am so dedicated. We do get to leave early so I will take it. Then a whirlwind weekend of fun is ON! Not too much planned for tonight except watching the Flyers game (woot!). Tomorrow we have plans to dye some eggs and then celebrate my nephew Ethan's birthday and then after that we may even stop over our friend/neighbors house for a little bonfire & chit chat! On Sunday, we are headed to my Sister's house for an egg hunt, dinner and family time. Not to mention all the yummy, yummy food! Woohoo! I know it may rain tomorrow but let's hope we get ONE nice day out of the weekend.

Have you checked out Supermom lately? You really, really should! Alysha is celebrating her 25th birthday (Happy Birthday!!!) by giving away all sorts of goodies to some very lucky readers. How awesome is that? It's HER birthday and she is giving away things to her blogger friends! Pretty fantastic if you ask me! And today is the best giveaway of all... so GO LOOK! GO ON! You know you want to! I, for one, am not missing out on all those fanastic prizes!

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and since you are entering giveaways... Go check out mine as well! Adelaide Accessories Giveaway. Who doesn't like cute, free stuff? But HURRY contest ends on April 29, 2011 at 12:00 midnight Eastern Time.

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Marissa said...

Happy Friday to you :) have a great weekend!